Menu prices and fees are always subject to change.  Pricing is guaranteed up to 30 days from event estimate.  


Rental of chosen facility on University of Georgia or State property should be reserved prior to event confirmation with Campus Catering.  Campus Catering can provide assistance in selections of University and State venues.  Events reserved at the State Botanical Gardens and other venues on campus may be subject to additional fees incurred by the venue.  


All event bookings must be confirmed via email or delivery of signed contract to Campus Catering no less than 7 business days prior to event date or a 15% late booking fee will incur. Campus Catering reserves the right to decline late booking requests but will make every attempt to service your needs.  Events unaffiliated with the University of Georgia require full payment of event confirmation total 7 business days prior to event.  Events booked after 8:00 PM may be subject to additional staffing charges.


Cancellations of confirmed events made 3 business days or less will be charged for the full price minus service and attendant fees.  


Campus Catering must be notified the exact number of guests attending an event least 72 business hours prior to the start of the event.  This will be considered a guarantee, for which you will be charged, even if fewer guests attend the event.  If no guarantee is received, Campus Catering will plan according to the estimated guest count.  The catering department will prepare and set for 5% above the guaranteed number, only if requested.

Pickup & Delivery Orders

Food platters, hot and cold beverages and equipment rentals may be ordered online, email, or by phone as a Pick Up.  Orders must be 24 hours prior from (specified location choice via order form) or may be delivered by Campus Catering for a $20 delivery fee.  We have a variety of reception platters available for pickup. Items may be ordered and picked up during operating business hours Monday - Friday between 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.  


Events with hot food will have an open flame therefore require an on-site attendant.  Attendant fees are assessed according to event type and customer count.  Events with carvers on site must be requested during booking and is $60 per carver for 2 hour maximum, $60 for each additional hour over per carver.  For chef on site action stations, requires one chef for every 50 guests at $150 per hour for 3 hours.

Delivery & Setup

All events are subject to a base delivery and setup fee.  Additional fees may apply depending upon event type, event time, and venue.  Events requiring replenishing require additional attendant fees.  Events confirmed on china are priced per person depending on event type.

Food & Beverage Provisions

Campus Catering adheres to all University of Georgia policies and procedures.  The catering department is not permitted to purchase alcoholic beverages or permitted to service an open cash bar but may provide beverage service if provisions are provided by the client or if tickets are sold in advance.  Provisions serviced during events must be accompanied by non-alcoholic beverages and food for customers. All events serving alcohol requires bartender attendant fees (one bartender required per 100 guests) for 2 hour service is $150.  Each additional bartender is $75 for each hour of service per bartender.


  • At an unattended event all displays and catering equipment are the host's responsibility from the event start time until the scheduled pick-up time. Any misplaced or damaged equipment will be charged to the client according to the current replacement cost.
  • Due to Georgia's Department of Health regulations, food and beverage may not be removed from your catered event.
  • Campus Catering follows all policies set forth by the University of Georgia. For more information regarding serving alcohol at your event, please click here to review the policy.


Weather calls will be made by the client upon the recommendation of the Catering Manager and the Events Coordinator.  If the client is unavailable, the decision will be made on the client’s behalf.  The decision will be made by 5:00 PM the day before event for breakfast and lunch events, and by 10:00 AM for events starting after 4:00 PM that day.

Other Services

Your Event Planner can help suggest specialty linens, china, floral arrangements and balloon sculptures to make your event special. Please view our list of rental items and contact us for a quote.